8 Key Technology Trends to Expect in 2017

posted by Connor Hood Technology

It can sometimes feel like technology is evolving too fast to keep up. But peek into the industry a bit, and you can see some trends emerging before they explode. Those are the things companies need to think about so they can capitalize on technology trends as they go mainstream. There will be plenty of… Read More

How (And Why) to Eliminate Recurring Meetings

posted by Nate McGuire Business

In the US, there are 25 million meetings per day. Unproductive meetings costs companies more than $35 billion per year, and these meetings waste 15% of an organization’s collective time. What’s worse is that percentages have appeared to increase every year since 2008. Recurring meetings are a big culprit behind this waste of time and… Read More

6 UX Tools and Trends Creative Agencies Should Try in 2017

posted by Code My Views Agency

It doesn’t matter how much money and work you put into developing an amazing looking website or an app, if it doesn’t offer any value (or a pleasant experience) to the end user. User Experience (UX) matters! Most small businesses still live in denial, but the truth is websites, apps, and every other product you… Read More

Should You Develop an Apple Watch App?

posted by Connor Hood Business

To create a watch app or not to create a watch app, that is the question. When you are thinking about digital design strategy it’s important not only to think about a website (it must be responsive), but also secondary components of your digital presence. This includes apps and particularly Apple Watch apps. Should Apple… Read More

4 Tools to Create Functional Mockups Without Code Compared

posted by Code My Views Business

Have you ever wondered why companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft invest millions of dollars in creating prototypes of products before sending them into production? Well, for starters, it allows them to avoid wasting any more time and money on products that simply won’t work in the market. In fact, Apple has a whole series… Read More

3 Ways to Add Application Development to Your Agency Repertoire

posted by Connor Hood Back End

Application development is becoming more important for your business every day. You don’t just need a website and team to build and develop it; having a team that specializes in application development is equally important. Think of it this way, according to a survey in Entrepreneur magazine, 75 percent percent of Americans check their mobile… Read More

Getting Started With Open Source and GitHub

posted by Connor Hood Back End

When Linus Torvalds first released the original version of Linux back in 1994 under the General Public License (GNU), he would’ve never even imagined how amazing this piece of software would turn out to be. It made him a legend in the world of technology and he revolutionized the way software is distributed. Today, most… Read More

How and Why to Build a Software Specification Document

posted by Nate McGuire Development
User process diagram

We’re entering a time when most professional’s day-to-day work touches some aspect of code. At CMV we are seeing more and more teams turn to software development to solve problems and be more productive – from integrating Salesforce APIs to creating products and applications to interact and better serve their customers. What this also means… Read More

Make a Great First Impression with a New Agency Client

posted by Code My Views Business

Successfully closing a deal with a client depends on how comfortable they feel with your agency. And it all starts with your first meeting with the client, where you get to lay the groundwork for a strong working relationship. We all know that making a great first impression is the best way to start connecting… Read More

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