8 Must-Have Chrome Browser Extensions for Agency Designers

posted by Code My Views Agency

Google’s continuous development of the Chrome browser has brought it a long way over the years, made especially useful due to a massive collection of browser extensions. These allow you to extend the functions and features of Chrome far beyond what comes with the original app. Google Chrome Web Store is filled with thousands of… Read More

Getting Started with Swift Development: 4 First Steps to Take

posted by Connor Hood Development

If you’ve ever thought of building an iOS or Mac app, then you need to get familiar with Swift. It’s the new programming language and platform behind everything Apple. If the words “programming language” are intimidating, they shouldn’t be. Almost anyone can learn the basics, so that they can think about what apps can and… Read More

CMV Student Scholarship

posted by Code My Views Branding

About CMV CMV exists to make software development better for everyone involved – developers included. We believe in a fully managed development process where our team handles the entire software development workflow from Project Management to Coding & Execution. Clients work with us because they love our hands on approach, senior engineering team, and get-it-done… Read More

What’s the Difference Between Virtual and Augmented Reality?

posted by Connor Hood Technology

Just a few years ago, we’d look at blurry photos of Earth taken by satellites in amazement at how far our technology had progressed. Today, we can take 360-degree tours walking around on Mars, explore the most remote locations in the world without leaving our couch, and we don’t just play video games — we live… Read More

The Ultimate Guide of How to Hire for Web Development

posted by Code My Views Software

It’s easy these days to find a web developer Hell, do this search to jump right in. There’s loads of people out there wanting to write your code. But… What’s not so easy …is to find and hire the right ones to complete your job as needed. For instance, how should you determine: Their technical… Read More

5 Popular Node.js Frameworks (And What They Do)

posted by Code My Views Back End

Node.js is a tool to help developers build apps outside the browser environment using JavaScript. It’s an emerging technology that bridges the gap between the server, and web or mobile apps. It reduces the complexity of having to balance two programing languages for front-end and back-end work, can help make development quicker and is quickly… Read More

5 Best Cross-Platform Mobile Dev Tools for Your Next Project

posted by Connor Hood Development

A few years ago, building cross-platform mobile apps was difficult, to say the least. Developers had to write code and systems from scratch to develop apps for each different platform. Thankfully, development tools have come a long way since then! Now you can use cross-platform app development tools to not only design, build, and distribute,… Read More

Learning When to Say “No” and Keep Perspective

posted by Nate McGuire Business

Sometimes the best answer isn’t the one that’s easiest to say. While there are many business consultants that encourage you to say “yes” and take on new challenges at every opportunity, it can often be just as important to say “no.” These two little letters can help you stop and think about making decisions that… Read More

Contract or full-time? Which to hire and how to evaluate the costs.

posted by Nate McGuire Development

Building software is expensive And, making software is not like making widgets. They may call it computer science but maybe they should call it computer science + art + bureaucracy (or maybe not). Developing software is difficult, fluid, and impacted by many people, across multiple disciplines, with differing views. Ya think? As a person responsible… Read More

How Siri, Alexa, and Conversational Systems are Changing Business

posted by Connor Hood Business

The conversations of the future are between a person and a machine. With just a few voice prompts you can play music, look up information, or order a pizza. And this future isn’t part of a sci-fi movie, it’s already happening in homes and businesses. Conversational voice interfaces are the next wave of technology, and… Read More

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