How to Monetize Your (Inevitable) Business By-Products

posted by Nate McGuire Business

When Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein were working at Facebook, they found it difficult to effectively collaborate on the projects they were working on. So, they decided to build their own tool to more easily work with their team. Dustin and Justin loved their new tool so much that they later released it online for… Read More

4 Ways to Differentiate Your Agency Pitch (And Win More Business)

posted by Code My Views Agency

Winning high quality clients, reliably, is all about making a great first impression with your pitch. But it’s not just about having a well-designed slide deck. The way you speak, share ideas, and present your services all share a part in showing your potential clients that you’re the perfect fit. If you get these right,… Read More

What is Machine Learning? A 5 Minute Introduction

posted by Connor Hood Technology

Machine learning still feels like a futuristic concept — a connected set of technologies and algorithms that allow computers to learn new skills, context, or understanding. All without explicit programming. It explains how Siri learns your voice (and what you’re likely to ask over time), or how Amazon recommends just the right item based on… Read More

20+ Best Mobile App Landing Pages of 2017

posted by Connor Hood Design

There are several types of landing page. You might be aiming to generate leads, tease a new product or service, offer a freebie, or ask your users a question. If you’ve worked through the process of developing a mobile app, having a clear, professional landing page is a critical piece of your marketing mix. It’s… Read More

How To Handle Project Scope Creep with Agency Clients

posted by Code My Views Agency

It comes in many forms and names. Whether you call it scope creep, requirement creep, function creep, or feature creep, it’s a challenge that all agencies and corporates have faced over the years. Scope creep can be tricky to handle. It’s a key reason behind many project failures, as the scale of the work expands… Read More

6 Killer Tips for Better Front-End Design

posted by Connor Hood Front End

Building a beautiful, modern front-end design requires more consideration than ever before. From user experience, to bold visual elements, to animation — there’s a lot to think about. It’s also more exciting than ever. New technologies and more powerful browsers give you greater flexibility than ever before. All of the parts of a website that users… Read More

How to Make Your Clients Fall in Love With Your Work

posted by Nate McGuire Agency

There are countless factors to consider in an agency-client relationship. You’ll need to be thinking about where to find your next client, how to pitch, exploring and refining project requirements, delivering on time, and so much more. But, ultimately, the success or failure of a project all comes down to the work. If you create… Read More

Top 4 Issues Designers Have With Developers (And How to Fix Them)

posted by Code My Views Agency

Designers and developers don’t always get along too well. They can have two different mindsets, backgrounds, and approaches to work, which commonly leads to not seeing eye-to-eye! When designers come up with a new way to improve a website’s user experience, developers explain how it increases page loading speed. And sometimes, developers come up with… Read More

How To Build, Develop, and Ship a Project in 3 Weeks

posted by Connor Hood Development

Do you have a stellar idea, but a short time frame? Or maybe you just need a deadline to jump-start your minimum viable product (MVP) development? No problem. Let’s show you how to go from concept to product in just three weeks. With the right planning and tools, you can build, develop, and ship an… Read More

8 Key Technology Trends to Expect in 2017

posted by Connor Hood Technology

It can sometimes feel like technology is evolving too fast to keep up. But peek into the industry a bit, and you can see some trends emerging before they explode. Those are the things companies need to think about so they can capitalize on technology trends as they go mainstream. There will be plenty of… Read More

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