6 Killer Tips for Better Front-End Design

posted by Connor Hood Front End

Building a beautiful, modern front-end design requires more consideration than ever before. From user experience, to bold visual elements, to animation — there’s a lot to think about. It’s also more exciting than ever. New technologies and more powerful browsers give you greater flexibility than ever before. All of the parts of a website that users… Read More

4 Tools to Create Functional Mockups Without Code Compared

posted by Code My Views Business

Have you ever wondered why companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft invest millions of dollars in creating prototypes of products before sending them into production? Well, for starters, it allows them to avoid wasting any more time and money on products that simply won’t work in the market. In fact, Apple has a whole series… Read More

Getting Started With Open Source and GitHub

posted by Connor Hood Back End

When Linus Torvalds first released the original version of Linux back in 1994 under the General Public License (GNU), he would’ve never even imagined how amazing this piece of software would turn out to be. It made him a legend in the world of technology and he revolutionized the way software is distributed. Today, most… Read More

Tips For Designing Better Mobile Typography

posted by CMV Blog Branding

Mobile is big right now. But often the typography is small. When it comes to creating great type on small screens, there are plenty of challenges. So how can you make the most of responsiveness, mobile design and typography? The first step is really understanding type and the second is by thinking about how people… Read More

Minimal Design: How to Design More with Less

posted by CMV Blog Branding

Minimalism and the use of whitespace are big design trends right now. Mastery of these techniques might look easy at first glance, but it is actually quite difficult to design with so much open space and so few objects. It can be hard for clients to come to terms with because they often want as… Read More

7 Tips for Designing a Better Checkout Page

posted by CMV Blog Front End

With the holiday season right around the corner, many of us will be doing some shopping online. (OK… maybe a lot of shopping!) The checkout page of a website can make that experience one to remember, or one you wish you could forget. If you are designing a checkout page, there are so many considerations… Read More

Form Building from a Designer’s Perspective

posted by CMV Blog Front End

When people think of beautiful web design, form building isn’t usually the thing that comes to mind. But for the crafty designer, form design creates a unique opportunity to show off some serious skills. Executed well, it can singlehandedly elevate your site’s look and feel. JotForm has always allowed users to create custom form designs… Read More

Do You Need a Style Guide?

posted by CMV Blog Branding

It’s a simple question: Do you need a style guide? And it has a simple answer: Yes. Any brand, company, blog or webpage that wants to create and maintain consistency and a professional feel should have a style guide. Style guides are a must for any publisher with multiple employees. This is especially important if… Read More

What’s the Deal with Em and Rem?

posted by CMV Blog Front End

With all the talk about designing for responsive websites, two little words keep cropping up – em and rem. But what are they? Em and rem, along with pixels, are units and methods to measure and resize type. Em and rem are relative, rather than static, units and are being used more and more for… Read More

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